Should your business be pivoting towards more authentic video content? 

94% of customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency, so should your business be pivoting towards more authentic content? 

When tackling the notion of authenticity, the first question that arises is : “Can marketing even be authentic?” After all, marketing is inherently built around the idea of selling. And selling doesn’t exactly have the best reputation around authenticity… 

So how can businesses move towards more authentic video content? 

Holistically, brands that display authenticity traits have genuine concern for their customers. Yet for most traditional brands this requires a massive mind shift from just trying to sell a product or service to offering real ‘value’. 

So what is “value?” Value is whatever your audience defines it as. It’s whatever matters to your customers. So instead of thinking about selling, think about how you can help your customer regardless if they buy from you or not. It’s a subtle, but key difference. 

To boost the authenticity of your video content, try: 

Sparking a conversation Ask a question at the end of your video to stimulate discussions in your comments 

Embrace your imperfections Consumers are not perfect, and your brand shouldn’t pretend to be either.  

Speak your mind If your brand does not have well-defined beliefs, why should consumers trust you?  

Responding respectfully Authenticity does not mean posturing, so keep things simple and sincere.  

Staying consistent. Consistency is always key, but if your brand voice is not the same across all channels, you will come off as phony.  

Naturally, none of these methods is a silver bullet, but just remember, authenticity is not a financial pursuit – it is an ongoing philosophy that will ultimately improve not only your marketing perspective, but the nature of your brand as well.